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Activities For Our College Students


Our Subramanya College Sports


Our home games are held on our sports fields' cricket ground, while our away games are held on the sports fields of the opposing college. After the tests are finished, we play several friendly matches. These include games against visiting business teams as well as the highly anticipated Students vs Staff contest. All of these games are held on our own sports fields.

While some members of the squad bring their own equipment to practise sessions or games, it is not required for students to be able to participate. Our college cricket club has a large supply of cricket equipment that all students are welcome to use.

college cricket team
atheletics events in college


We believe that a student's physical well-being is linked to his or her academic achievement, and we provide chances for students to develop a physically active lifestyle as well as important values such as cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Physical education cultivates and instils in pupils the desire and commitment to enjoy, progress, and accomplish to the best of their abilities throughout their lives.

The institution provides facilities and encouragement for any sport activity that students are interested in, stemming directly from the objective of comprehensive student development.


The college offers ample facilities for sports and games. The college kabaddi teams have been proving their excellence in various – State, National,and District Levels competitions.

The institution ensures the participation of students in intra Class and inter- institutional sports competitions. Our ground is used for multi purposes, well maintained kabaddi ground, we can offer a Kabaddi classes as a credit course. The total area of the Sports ground 11.524.16 Sq. Meters.

college cricket team
football team in college


Football is one of the most recognizable and dominant sports on the college scene, with TV appearances, huge stadiums and passionate fans. The glamour of our college football is the down-and-dirty hard work required to get to the spotlight.

From discovering which football colleges might be a good fit, to reaching out to coaches, creating a football recruiting video, attending camps and combines, and finding the best scholarship offer, this is a multi-year journey with many milestones along the way. While the football recruiting process can be daunting, we’ve created this football recruiting guide, which outlines the steps athletes.


College volleyball is one of the fastest-growing NCAA sports. Driven by the explosion in popularity of volleyball at the high-school level, college volleyball has gone from a minor athletic footnote in the 2011s to a college sport

As a major fall sport, the college volleyball season corresponds roughly with the fall semester of college, with the final championship games being played in the latter half of December.

The term college volleyball is most often associated with the 12-person indoor variant rather than beach volleyball.

college volleyball team